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Electric Bike Market Size, Share, Growth 2021 | Industry Analysis Report

Electric Bike Market Research Report 2021

Report ID: MN17613045  |  Published: August 2016  |  No of Pages: 101
Format: Electronic (PDF)  |  Industry: Automotive & Transport  |  Publisher: QY Research

Electric bike market speaks of variety. An electric bike is basically a bicycle having an incorporated electric motor with it that can be employed for propulsion. An electric bike is also popularly known as an e-bike or booster bike. On the whole, it is the electric motor-powered adaptation of motorized bicycles. Numerous types of e-bikes are available across the globe. They normally range from those e-bikes possessing a tiny motor that helps in assisting the rider's pedal-power to those strong e-bikes that tend closer to moped-style functionality. But the common thing among all the bikes is that they keep hold of the ability to be pedaled by the rider and hence they can’t be labeled as electric motorcycles. E-bikes normally make use of batteries that can be recharged and re-energized.

The ones that are lighter have the capacity to move up to 25 to 32 km/h. And this travel distance relies on the directives and laws of the particular state in which they are being sold. And as far as the more high-powered varieties are concerned, they can frequently travel above 45 km/h. As per the local laws, numerous e-bikes are officially categorized as bicycles instead of mopeds or motorcycles, so they are not exposed to the more strict rules and regulations taking into account their certification and operation.

In Germany, these electric bikes are attaining much acceptance and recognition owing to its desired features. Moreover, they are replacing and taking the market share of the traditional bicycles. On the other hand, China is supplanting fossil fuel-powered mopeds as well as small motorcycles in the electric bike market. It has been observed that the levels of population density and traffic congestion are rising tremendously across the globe which is ultimately compelling the interest level in various means of transportation. Electric bikes have gradually become one of the primary benefactors of this ongoing trend, the reason being reduced cost as compared to cars, no need of licenses to run, plus advantage of the bicycling infrastructure can also be enjoyed.

Through recent studies and research, it has been found that growing urbanization and a wish to deviate from private cars towards cleaner motorized transport is also contributing largely in raising the demand for electric bikes across the globe. Other factor that is also acting as a booster to the electric bike market growth may include up gradations and improvements in lithium ion and other battery technologies. Whether the person is fit or physically disabled, youthful or aged, he/she can remain in good health with the employment of electric bikes. They can travel places much faster and with ease in the electric bike market.

The advantages attached with it entail reduced transportation costs and lower impact on the environment. The most amazing part attributed to it is that people can always have fun doing it. They can walk, ride, or drive that electric bicycle. Moreover, it can be noted that the source of energy would be always renewable and eco-friendly. People would be indirectly joining the mission towards creating a clean, healthy and a happy planet.

Major companies operating in the electric bike market include Mingjia, Giant EV, Supaq, AIMA, Sunra, Incalcu, Lima, BYVIN, Lvyuan, TAILG, Lvjia, Slane, OPAI, BDFSD, Gamma, Birdie Electric, Zuboo, Xiaodao Ebike, Bodo, Songi, Lvneng, Qianxi Vehicle, Accell Group, Palla, Polaris, Yadea, Aucma EV, and Lvju.

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