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Call For Purity To Drive Laboratory Evaporators Market
Posted On: August 28, 2019

Evaporators come across as devices used for distinguishing solvents and compounds. Adding prefix “laboratory” to evaporators states that liquids are separated from various solutions through laboratory procedures. The end-users to laboratory evaporators market include chemical and petroleum industries, pharmaceutical industries, and laboratories using evaporators to extract samples for future analysis. These samples are stored in dry form by making use of gas, heat or similar combination.

Market Scope

The healthcare vertical is subject to extensive research with regards to introduction of novel therapeutics. As such, laboratory evaporators are needed for several procedures of drug development. “Pure Drugs” is the need of the hour. This calls for pure samples. This sampling, in turn, asks for laboratory evaporators. This chain reaction is the basic factor driving the market. Plus, new entrants are bringing up pocket-friendly products. Out of vacuum, rotary, and nitrogen, the second one holds the largest market share. Furthermore, one could choose between large and small rotary one.

Regional Insights

North America holds the largest market share; thanks to extra attention being paid to healthcare coupled with presence of numerous key players conducting research therein. Moreover, the government organizations are full “ON” with their funding on healthcare. Europe comes second due to economies like Denmark and Belgium paying special heed to the health of its citizens. Asia Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest pace due to increase in awareness amongst the population regarding accurate diagnosis (which is directly proportional to purity of sample).


The players contributing to the laboratory evaporators market include Steroglass S.r.l; Gardner Denver medical; Auxilab; Labtech, Inc.; Stuart Equipment; Porvair Sciences Ltd.; IKA India Private Limited; Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.; Dragon Laboratory Instruments; and BUCHI Labortechnik AG. Organic growth is being emphasized on. For instance – Labtech, Inc.’s EV series have been launched. They are inclusive of color digital display for monitoring and controlling rotation temperature/temperature, evaporation flasks, motorized vehicle lift, and adding sample through the PTFE valve.