Clothing and Textiles Research Reports
Published: August, 2016  |  169 Pages  |  Format: Electronic (PDF)  |  Publisher: QY Research

Global Down Jacket Consumption Market may be divided by Type of Product, Type of End Users, and Area. A Down jacket is a warm jacket. It is packed using the soft feathers of a duck or goose, and the outside coating is typically prepared of things similar to nylon or polyester. Down, the soft feathers stated, is typically collected from the breasts and wings of the duck or goose.Read More »

Published: August, 2016  |  105 Pages  |  Format: Electronic (PDF)  |  Publisher: QY Research

Global Lyocell Fiber Market is segmented on the basis of Application as Apparels, Home Textiles, and Others. Others may include Surgical Products and Baby Diapers. A kind of rayon that is usually obtained from cellulose is called a Lyocell. It is also popularly known as a man-made fiber. Absorbency and softness are some of the significant properties possessed by the Lyocell fibers. They are generally said to be biodegradable in nature.Read More »