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Ryan Manuel
Ryan Manuel

Research Support Specialist, USA

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Custom Research

The reports can be customized, in line with the client’s requirements. The information available in our syndicated reports may sometimes not cater to the requirements of the clients. With an ever changing business environment, every client has a unique set of requirements. We at Million Insights, understand that and therefore, provide exclusively designed market research reports. The scope of these reports are designed by our clients, in collaboration with research experts. Customizations are based on a due diligence level and the extent of it, is solely defined by our clients. Some notable examples of customizations, availed by our clients are listed below:

  • Country or regional level customization: This pertains to redefining the scope of a market research report at a global level to target regions or countries. The scope of the market segments (product, application, technology, end-use segments etc.) remains the same in such cases.
  • Cross-section analysis based customizations: This refers to a customization request, involving a cross-sectional analysis. Notable examples include market size, by application for each product type, application market at each end-use level etc.

Consulting:The following is an introduction to our consulting services. We also participate in due diligence exercises, by partnering with our publishers:

Buy sections of a report:In line with our “a product for all policy”, the clients have the facility to buy sections or chapters of our report. Also, these sections may be chosen from different reports, within our website. The process is as simple as, choosing the sections and receiving the price quote.

Free consultation:Given our extensive experience in serving as a market research report distributor, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of all our publishers. We help our clients, maximize the value of their investments, by providing free consultation on available purchase options, and publisher capabilities.