Textiles Research Reports
Published: August, 2017  |  109 Pages  |  Format: Electronic (PDF)  |  Publisher: QY Research

Global smart fabrics and interactive textiles market is expected to display enormous growth in the forthcoming years. Interactive textiles and smart fabrics are those fabrics or textiles that can act in response to exterior environmental spurs, such as temperature change, moisture, magnetism, pressure, and another stimulus. Numerous textiles can be entrenched with digital components like silver, to improve the required functionalities.Read More »

Published: July, 2017  |  111 Pages  |  Format: Electronic (PDF)  |  Publisher: QY Research

Global Fiberglass Fabric Market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR in the upcoming years as the scope and its applications are increasing across the globe.Read More »

Published: August, 2016  |  113 Pages  |  Format: Electronic (PDF)  |  Publisher: QY Research

Global Haute Couture Market is segmented on the basis of product type as Catwalk, Banquet, and Other occasion. The formation of selective custom-fitted clothing and garments is known as Haute Couture. It is high end fashion that is made by hand from the starting to the finishing of the process. While making this type of clothing, high quality, classy and unusual fabric is utilized that is usually sewn with great attention especially given to the details.Read More »

Published: February, 2016  |  175 Pages  |  Format: Electronic (PDF)  |  Publisher: QY Research

Global Sewing Thread Consumption Market may be divided by Type of Threads, Type of Use, and the Area. Sewing Thread is one and only of the maximum important accessories for the apparels. Before the manufacturing the apparels by means of expending dissimilar categories of fabric, one need to calculate possible thread consumption for the certain apparel.Read More »