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Syndicated Research

Millions Insights syndicated research reports offer ready, data-driven answers to several industry-level questions.

Subscription Services

Our subscription services operate on a 360-degree flexible model, providing the clients the opportunity, to design a befitting & bespoke model

Custom Research

The report customizations are based on a due diligence level and the extent of it, is solely defined by our clients.

Market Monitoring

Million Insights, provide services that go beyond the ones provided by a conventional distributor.

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Latest Market Research Reports

  • Rare Earth Elements Market Size & Forecast Report, 2014 - 2025
    208 Pages | Industry: Advanced Materials | Publisher: Grand View Research | Format: Electronic (PDF)

    The scope of the global Rare Earth Elements Market was appreciated at US$ 2.80 billion in 2018. The range is projected to touch US$ 5.62 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 10.4% for the duration of the forecast. The rare earth elements most commonly used include lanthanum, neodymium, cerium, dysprosium, yttrium, and praseodymium. These products find their presence in production of catalysts and magnets for automotive industry.

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  • Smoked Meats Market Size Analysis, Segmentation, Industry Outlook and Forecasts, 2013 - 2028
    123 Pages | Industry: Food | Publisher: MAResearch | Format: Electronic (PDF)

    The global smoked meats market is anticipated to exhibit a healthy CAGR during the forecast period (2013 to 2028), according to a report available on Million Insights. Smoked meat refers to meat that is cooked slowly using smoke from wood chunks. A smoker or a grill is fire up to 225 degree Fahrenheit to produce smoke that is enough to cook red or white meat. 

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  • Surgical Robotics Market Size Analysis, Segmentation, Industry Outlook and Forecasts, 2013 - 2028
    104 Pages | Industry: Medical Devices | Publisher: MAResearch | Format: Electronic (PDF)

    The global surgical robotics market is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. This could be credited to technological advancements herein. Developed economies are home to favorable regulations with regards to development of surgical robotics. 

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  • Smart Irrigation Controllers Market Size Analysis, Segmentation, Industry Outlook and Forecasts, 2013 - 2028
    108 Pages | Industry: Technology | Publisher: MAResearch | Format: Electronic (PDF)

    As per the report published by experts; the global Smart Irrigation Controllers Market is estimated to witness a higher CAGR by the completion of the prediction period. Growing population of world is causing scarcity of water & food. This has increased the acceptance of effective replacement arrangements to preserve natural reserves of water that includes systems of smart irrigation. The technology of smart irrigation is very cost-effective for the operations of agri-business.

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  • Tortilla Chips Market Size & Forecast Report, 2015 - 2025
    80 Pages | Industry: Food | Publisher: Grand View Research | Format: Electronic (PDF)

    The global Tortilla Chips Market scope was appreciated by US$ 20.28 million during 2018 and is estimated to record a CAGR of 4.41% during 2019 to 2025. The global market scope of tortilla chips is anticipated to touch US$ 27.43 million during the forecast period.

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Our robust publisher selection model, helps us operate on a customer feedback based service process. Customer engagement runs on a transparent model, with account managers placed at every point to ensure that our clients are responded to and their queries resolved, within a 12-hour time frame.

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Our customer service executives are available round the clock, for five days (Monday to Friday) a week. All our service executives are well trained on the basics of market research and are therefore, well equipped to handle consumer grievances & queries.

Service flexibility

Given the bespoke nature of market research, flexibility in terms of rendering services, holds an important place in our operations. All research reports are sold, post analyzing the requirements of our customers only. Our services are unparalleled in terms of delivery turnaround, cost & post-sale customization services.

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