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Ryan Manuel
Ryan Manuel

Research Support Specialist, USA

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About Us

Million Insights Inc. is a holistic market research database. With more than a million data points in the repository, we are the only organization providing end-to-end market research solutions. Our proprietary market research solution platform is designed to be completely flexible providing you with the power to personalize.

“A product for all”, is also a service that we at Million Insights, are proud of. This service enables the availability of a product to every client of ours, taking in consideration their budget. To put it into a nutshell, we customize the reports into the price point of our clients. The clients also have the facility to purchase sections of a report.


To serve as a one point of contact, for companies or individuals seeking market intelligence. To exceed customer expectations, by providing cost effective & high-quality consumer centric products.


To dominate market presence, by operating as an eclectic and complete source for market intelligence. To achieve the label of a comprehensive database of quality market research, via customer excellence & innovation.

Service model:

Our service model is solely based on the principles of under-promise and over-deliver. Market research is a very specific requirement, and therefore, largely is based on the concept of custom built. We, thanks to our expert panel of researchers, know every client is unique and therefore, operate on a service model based on strong pre-sale engagements.

How we do it?

Our team of more than 150 analysts work tirelessly to provide you with market intelligence that you can directly utilize to run your business. Apart from having access to a myriad of trusted knowledge partners, we use home grown statistical models to make market predictions.

Why we do it?

Our clients have access to market statistics, industry reports, economic indicators and a lot more. Our database is designed to not only provide conclusive insights on a market space but also provide evidence that led to the conclusions. The access to data points is wide and encompasses all aspects of a market space ranging from macroeconomic indicators to competitive landscapes.