Demand For Margarine & Shortening Market Is Boosted By Bakery Products

Posted On: September 11, 2019

In line with the report published by the experts, it is estimated that the Global Margarine & Shortening Market would develop at a substantial CAGR during the period of forecast. The margarine is presented as a substitute to butter. It is a not a dairy product. The main constituents utilized in manufacturing margarine are water and vegetable oils.

Margarine is manufactured by the process of emulsification of water with vegetable oil and animal fats. Lesser amount of vitamins, milk, salt, and coloring substance are also added. This is additionally processed to attain the flawless texture. Two categories of margarine are available in the market, one is margarine with low fat and other is regular margarine. There is a growth in the demand for margarine with low fat due to the increasing emphasis on fitness. Since margarine is a low priced substitute for the butter, it is motivating the market. But the competition from the alternatives is posing as challenge to the market. The current inclination of the market shows increasing demand for Trans-fat-free margarine. The semi solid resultant fat of the plant is called Shortening. It can be utilized as an alternate to butter or alike materials.

Margarine & Shortening are extensively utilized in manufacturing bakery and confectionery and drying instantaneous noodles. By way of the growth of economy, the retail food processing industry also requires additional margarine & shortening. Therefore, there is vast prospective for margarine & shortening.


The global market for Margarine & Shortening can be classified by Application, Type of Product, and Region. By Application it can be classified as Bakery, Confectionery, Instant Noodles, and others. By Type of Product it can be classified as Powder Margarine, Soft Margarine, Liquid Margarine, and Hard Margarine. By Region it can be classified as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Regional Lookout

With reference to geography, Indonesia leads in the global market for margarine & shortening. In 2014, Indonesia had shipped maximum tonnage of margarine & shortening. Its principal partner for trading was China. Indonesia had delivered China’s maximum share of its entire export of margarine & shortening in terms of price. The Netherlands and Belgium were among the other leading global sellers of margarine & shortening during the historical year. On the other hand, the speedily developing exporters during the past period of observation were the Russian Federation and Indonesia. Indonesia had reinforced its place in the arrangement of global export.


Some of the important companies for Margarine & Shortening Market are Unilever, DAIRY CREST, Bunge, NMGK GROUP, Conagra Brands, Tan Binh Vegetable Oil, Golden Hope Nha Be, Tuong An Vegetable Oil, CAI LAN Oils & Fats Industries. Additional notable companies are Zydus Wellness, Wilmar International, Grupo Lala, China Agri-Industries Holdings, BRF, YILDIZ HOLDING, Uni-President, FUJI OIL, Cargill, Hain Celestial, Ventura Foods, Goodman Fielder, Bunge North America, Uni-president China Holdings, Mengniu, NamChow, Crisco, Smucker's, Admiration Foods, Wilmar-International, Grupo Lala, and Matrixx Initiatives.