Rising Propagation of Internet of Things To Drive Precision Agriculture Market

Posted On: October 9, 2019

Market Snapshot:

The global Precision Farming/Agriculture Market would reach $10.23 billion by 2025 and is likely to record a CAGR of 14.2% above the period of forecast. The greater development could be accredited to the increasing propagation of Internet of Things (IoT) and usage of innovative analytics by agriculturalists. Innovative analytics is portion of the data science that utilizes many approaches and tools to estimate figures and confirm that the soil and the crop get sufficient development. This benefits farmers to organize their activities.

Business Understandings:

Intended for a profound understanding of diverse features of farming for example plowing and irrigation, many technologies for example remote sensing application, GPs and IoT are utilized. IoT supports agrarians to report a number of encounters involved in appropriate checking of crops. It delivers actual data regarding the temperature of the environment and the dampness of the soil by means of sensors located in the ranch. This helps farmers in taking better decisions regarding the periods of harvesting, market rates for the crops and administration of the soil and others.

These are some of the important reasons backing the development of the precision agriculture market. Reasons simplifying the implementation of supportable agricultural technologies consist of superior education and training to agriculturalists, easily available information, obtainability of monetary capitals, and great demand for organic food. Furthermore, growing funds in technologies for example GPS sensing systems, driverless tractors, guidance system and drones are likewise estimated to fund to the development of the market.

However, smart solutions ask for greater funds, which acts as a restraint for the farmers, particularly in emerging nations like Brazil, China, and India. Numerous companies are keen to starting public and private corporations to withstand reasonable benefit.


The global precision farming market can be classified by Application, Technology, Component, and Region. By Application, the global market for precision farming/agriculture can be classified into Farm labor Management, Irrigation Management, Crop Scouting, Yield Monitoring, Inventory Management, Weather Tracking & Forecasting, Field Mapping. By type of Technology, the global market of precision farming can be classified into Variable-Rate Technology, Guidance Technology, GPS &Remote Sensing, GIS, Telematics, and VRT. By type of Component, the global market for precision agriculture could be classified into Service, Software, and Hardware.

The Region:

North America directed the precision farming industry by means of income during the year 2018. The region is the first acceptor of the expertise. Reasons for example growing resourcefulness by the government for the implementation of contemporary agriculture technologies and advanced substructure have backed to the greater income of the regional market.

Americas were responsible for the biggest share of the global market for precision farming/agriculture. It is tracked by APAC and EMEA. Yet, the American regions and EMEA are estimated to experience a declined share of the market during the approaching years. On the other hand, APAC is expected to observe a substantial development in the share of the market which is motivated by greater implementation of precision farming in nations like Japan, China and India because these areas are becoming more conscious regarding the benefits of precision farming.

The Companies:

The conservative ways of agriculture for example the usage of genetically reformed plants, pesticides, and herbicides are becoming inappropriate to encounter the rising necessities of agri-business. Therefore, most important companies are unceasingly involved in technical improvements and planned acquirements. For example, AGCO Corporation of U.S.A. emphases on linking with agri-tech businesspersons and try to find partnerships over inventive and disrupting results.

Some of the important companies for precision agriculture market are Raven Industries Inc., Trimble, Inc., AG Junction, Inc., AGCO Corporation, Crop Metrics LLC, AG Leader Technology, Decisive Farming/Agriculture, ec2ce, The Climate Corporation, Deere & Company, Gamaya, Descartes Labs., Monsanto Company, AG Smarts Inc., Dickey-John Corporation, AG Sense LLC, CropX, Crop Metrics LLC., SST Software, Map shots Inc., Grownetics Inc., and Fairport Farm Software. Additionally notable companies are Agribotix, Granular AG, Bayer Crop Science AG, Fuse Technologies, Farmers Edge Inc., Case IH Agriculture, and Conservis Corporation.