Propanil Market Boosted By Growing Demand For Rice Crop

Posted On: September 12, 2019

As stated by the experts, the global Propanil Market is projected to develop at a higher CAGR during the period of prediction. Propanil is a biochemical famous for its usage such as herbicide, mostly on paddy crop. It is a touching base herbicide. It is generally useful to the plants and portions of plant over the ground level. It likewise performs as a selective herbicide. It does not hurt the paddy crop if used adequately. However, it might harm the other crops or plants even if used abysmally.

The foremost use of it is as a herbicide, where it contends with chemicals for example butachlor, thiobencarb, and 2, 4-D between others. It is normally applied in the form of a water based suspension or spray. It functions by way of constraining the development of unwanted plant that badly affects the quality of rice harvest. It strengthens the poisonous element inside the unwanted plant, ultimately destroying that plant.


The market for Propanil is a subclass of market of herbicide. Its development aspects are connected to the development of herbicides market. The principal motivator to the market for herbicide is the demand for greater production of food amongst increasing global populace and inclinations for varied nutrients. Paddy is the leading crop responsible for the main stream of usage of Propanil. There is always greater demand for Rice crop due to the growing populace particularly in the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia Pacific. As such, to fulfill the greater demand, agriculturalists all over the world have accepted a number of techniques to upsurge harvest and profitability.


Even though herbicides are very much essential for the development of healthy vegetable, it has definite limitations. As it is a discerning herbicide, it is harmless to use in paddy to a certain extent. However, in a few circumstances it may possibly abolish paddy too. It is reasonably poisonous in nature, but the amount of preventive measure necessary to avert conservational toxification is however is to be decided. Extended contact with the skin leads to irritation. Yet, the poisonousness of Propanil is lesser than its counterparts. This would be another factor driving the market.


The global market for Propanil can be classified by Application, Product, and Region. By Application it can be classified as Barn Grass, Redroot Amaranth, Crab Grass, Paddy, and additional applications. By Product it can be classified as Propanil Preparation, Propanil Technical Toxicant. By Region it can be classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa.

Regional Lookout

The demand for Propanil-based herbicide is utmost in Asia Pacific region. It is tracked by Europe, North America, Latin America, and Africa. The market is likewise estimated to display maximum development from Asia Pacific and Latin America during the nearby future due to augmented investment in agricultural science and greater demand for rice in these region. Rice being one of the leading main food through the world, produces greater demand for herbicide.

Japan, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Thailand, Bangladesh, and China are the top most rice producing nations. China is the biggest producer of Propanil herbicide. China exports the majority share manufactured by it. China is increasing its manufacturing capacity, due to the growing demand from the foreign clients.


Some of the important companies for Propanil Market are Hangzhou He Rui Chemical, Willowood USA, United Phosphorus, Bayer Crop Science, Bharat Group, Jiangsu Kuaida Agrochemical, Shijiazhuang Lida Chemicals, Dow Agro Sciences, Sino Harvest, Wes trade Guatemala S.A, and Kenvos Biotech Co. Ltd.