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Precision Farming/Agriculture Market To Reach $10.23 Billion By 2025
Published On: October 9, 2019

The global Precision Farming/Agriculture Market would reach $10.23 Billion by 2025 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.2% by the completion of the prediction period. Precision Farming/Agriculture is a system of farm management. It is based on the information technology. This is the farm management system which recognizes, investigates, and manages three-dimensional and time-based erraticism in fields for best production and cost-effectiveness, sustainability and safety of the land resource by decreasing the charges of production.

The most important motivators for the market pertaining to precision farming/agriculture consist of growing stress on the global resources of food due to growing populace, considerable saving in costs, linked with precision farming/agriculture methods, and the inventiveness by the government to implement up-to-date farming methods. Precision Farming/Agriculture is attaining remarkable acceptance between agriculturalists owing to the growing necessity for the best production by way of restricted existing resources. Additionally, the altering forms of meteorological conditions owing to growing global warming have prompted the acceptance of cutting-edge Farming/Agriculture skills to improve the production of the farm and revenue.

Access full research report on global precision farming/agriculture market: https://www.millioninsights.com/industry-reports/precision-farming-market-size

Some of the key facts from the report:

• North America was the biggest market for precision farming/agriculture during the recent past year. It was responsible for near the half share of entire global market. North America was tracked by Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

• The growth of the market is credited to the increasing admiration of drones for the applications of precision Farming/Agriculture and encouraging government inventiveness for fetching modernization in the area.

• Checking of harvest is the maximum extensively utilized application in precision Farming/Agriculture such as it performs an energetic part in considering unpredictability of the field and assists agriculturalists in making the best use of their produces.

• The arrival of agricultural Global Positioning System [GPS], Geographical Information System [GIS], appearance of drones and electronics miniaturization have prepared the technology of remote sensing reasonably priced in the agricultural business. The images taken with remote sensing equipment can be utilized for the organization of crop types, charting of soil belongings and revenue of the crop, finding of crop water pressure, and observing of weeds and crop sicknesses.

• The nations like Australia, India, China, Japan and others offer development openings for precision farming/agriculture products & services such as precision farming/agriculture grasps the potential of considerable yield enhancement with negligible usage of exterior contribution.

• The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the speedily developing market for the duration of the forecast.

Some of the important companies for precision farming/agriculture market are Raven Industries Inc., Trimble, Inc., AG Junction, Inc., AGCO Corporation, Crop Metrics LLC, AG Leader Technology, Decisive Farming/Agriculture, ec2ce, The Climate Corporation, Deere & Company, Gamaya, Descartes Labs., Monsanto Company, AG Smarts Inc., Dickey-John Corporation, AG Sense LLC, Crop X, Crop Metrics LLC., SST Software, Map shots Inc., Grownetics Inc., Fairport Farm Software. Additionally, notable companies are Agribotix, Granular AG, Bayer Crop Science AG, Fuse Technologies, Farmers Edge Inc., Case IH Agriculture, and Conservis Corporation.


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