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Extensive Demand For Higher Production Of Food To Drive Propanil Market
Published On: September 18, 2019

The global propanil market is expected to scale new heights in the upcoming period. “Propanil” comes across as one of the contact herbicides that are generally applied to plant parts and foliage above ground. In other words, propanil is a compound that helps in inhibiting and neutralizing the growing unwanted weed in rice fields. The competitors to propanil include thiobencarb and butachlor. It gets applied in form of aqueous suspension or spray. Propanil does act by having built toxicity inside weeds; thereby killing the plant.

Infections do stunt and weaken crop growth. They could be checked by application of herbicides. Propanil comes into picture over here. The factor primarily driving the market is an extensive demand for higher production of food amidst different food preferences and population explosion in economies like China and India. Rice is a staple food in majority of economies of Asia Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa. Compliance to the demand for rice has compelled farmers to adopt numerous methods for increasing profitability and yield. Usage of propanil to a greater extent is one of those methods.

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At the same time, propanil’s toxicity acts as a restraint. Prolonged exposure to skin is likely to cause irritation to the skin. Excessive use could also destroy paddy. Plus, it is not advisable to use propanil for the other crops as they can’t stand even moderate toxicity of propanil.

Asia Pacific holds the largest market share due to agrarian economies like India and Israel. LATAM follows suit due to Mexico being the storehouse of the world. The other economies of Asia Pacific holding the hopes high for Asia Pacific are Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and China. Asia Pacific holds the largest share; followed by LATAM.

Some of the players contributing to the market include Westgrade Guatemala S.A.; Willwood USA; Kenvos Biotech Co. Ltd.; SinoHarvest; and Bayer CropScience.

Ryan Manuel
Research Support Specialist, USA
Million Insights
Email: [email protected]