3D Cell Culture Market Size Worth $3.48 Billion By 2028

Published On: April 5, 2021

As said by the published report, the global 3d cell culture market size is estimated to arrive at USD 3.48 billion by 2028. It is projected to develop by 10.7% CAGR in the period of the forecast.

The progress of 3D optimized test kits along with the procedures, in addition to the advancement of test methods, is estimated to impel the expansion of the market for 3D cell culture.

Since 3D cell culture contains the capability to strongly imitate a normal micro construction as well as morphology of organs, these are incessantly developed for the learning, which needs in vivo model arrangement, to scrutinize the consequences of an external treatment above organs and tissues of the body. Together with the accessibility of a range of options in the conditions of composition and the material of the scaffold, for diverse in vitro functions, is expected to prop up the making of revenue for scaffolds. 

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Further key findings from the report suggest:

• The major players of the market concentrates on the presentation of new-fangled products, collaborations, partnerships, acquisitions, along with geological growth, to strengthen their existence in the 3d cell culture market.

• A group of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh utilized Multicellular Tumor Spheroids (MCTSs) to measure the reaction of medication during medicinal selection study for oncology, in April 2020.

• The grouping of 3D cell culture method plus Human-induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (HiPSCs) has been effectively utilized for the invention and improvement of medicines for liver sickness.

• The possible clinical and scientific effects of the 3D-cultivation method for cancer, embryonic and adult, stem cells are expected to enhance the escalation of the stem cell research section.

• In 2020, the biggest application section was cancer in the market. This is due to the reason that 3D cultures effectively imitate the related affects and complication of in vivo lump microenvironment together with the influence of cell-to-cell contact as well as extracellular medium.

• The induction of new apparatus and method is furthermore expected to increase revenue making in the scaffold-based technology sector.

• Owing to increasing funds by European and North American companies, in the local market of Asia Pacific, the region is anticipated to record the highest CAGR, from 2021 to 2028.

• As a result of wide-ranging utilization of 3D cell culture type for medicinal research function, North America led the market in 2020.

• Pharmaceutical and biotechnology institutes held the principal share in 2020, on account of an augmentation in the acceptance of 3D cell culture method, in medicine detection and tissue engineering.

• The cells in 3D cultures assist in the investigation of the activities and possessions of the tumor, gene expression and protein distribution; along with supervise reaction to anticancer treatment.

• The companies, like Sigma-Aldrich and Tec an, present scaffold sourced 3D resolution, which are willingly accepted by the customers.

• On account of increasing demand for 3D model-based investigation, together with an augmented frequency of chronic sickness, the scaffold-based equipment sector is projected to record a productive annual development.

Million Insights segmented the global 3d cell culture market based on End Use, Application, Technology and Region.

3D Cell Culture Technology Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 - 2028)
    • Scaffold-based
        • Hydrogels
        • Polymeric Scaffolds
        • Micro-patterned Surface Microplates
        • Nanofiber-based Scaffolds
    • Scaffold-free
        • Hanging Drop Microplates
        • Microfluidic 3D Cell Culture
        • Spheroid Microplates with ULA coating
        • Magnetic Levitation & 3D Bioprinting
    • Bioreactors

3D Cell Culture Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 - 2028)
    • Cancer
    • Tissue Engineering & Immunohistochemistry
    • Drug Development
    • Stem Cell Research
    • Others

3D Cell Culture End-use Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 - 2028)
    • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Research Laboratories and Institutes
    • Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers
    • Others

3D Cell Culture Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2016 - 2028)
    • North America
        • U.S.
        • Canada
    • Europe
        • Germany
        • U.K.
    • Asia Pacific
        • Japan
        • China
    • Latin America
        • Brazil
    • MEA
        • South Africa


Various companies for 3d cell culture market are:

    • Global Cell Solutions, Inc.
    • Tec an Trading AG
    • Lonza
    • Corning, Inc.
    • Promo Cell GmbH
    • Merck KGaA
    • InSphero
    • 3D Biotek LLC
    • Avantor Performance Materials, LLC
    • 3D Biomatrix
    • Greiner Bio One International GmbH
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.